Imperial Multimedia staff can assist you at any phase — or with every phase –of your project, starting with your first seminal idea and carrying through to project execution and beyond.  We can help craft your concept and review options and opportunities (ideation & conceptualization), help plan the project once you are clear what you want (planning), and then follow through with your plan to completion (design, build, test, execute).  If needed, Imperial Multimedia can provide long-term maintenance services like content subscription, hardware and software maintenance and staff augmentation.

What makes Imperial Multimedia unique is not only its “start to finish” assistance on projects of varying scales, but also the incorporation of high tech multimedia tools into a project, where useful.  In some cases we even help clients research and raise the funding they need to support their projects!

  • Project Management & Facilitation
  • Fundraising
  • Interpretive Master Planning
  • Implementation Planning (i.e. project charters, schedules, roadmaps, maturity models, training, support, staffing, communication)

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