Interactive Educational Exhibits

Interactive exhibits are a perfect complement to “static” exhibits at nature centers, museums and other educational facilities. Our interactive displays increase visitor interest and participation by engaging them with a dynamic visual experience using state-of-the-art technology.  Educational content can be provided to visitors in a fun and challenging way by using touch-screen monitors to guide the educational experience.  Question-driven content requires the visitor to think and choose responses from a menu of choices.  Right answers are rewarded and scores are kept, providing a valuable learning experience.  Interactive monitors can be embedded in an exhibit complete with other graphics to offer additional visual stimulation and learning opportunities to visitors.

Interactive Displays - Educational

Who the target audience is and how the information will be delivered are always factors foremost in our minds as we design our displays. When developing interactive displays for an educational setting, Imperial Multimedia uses the best technology available while ensuring that the displays aren’t intrusive and fit with the look and flow of the whole area.

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