Digital Signs

Liven up a “static” sign or event announcement with dramatic rotating photos, news, alerts and announcements, current weather and other digital information-simultaneously!  We can design and construct your customized digital sign using a flat-screen TV (size of your choosing to fit your space) to provide the visual look you desire.  Different areas of the screen can offer distinct pieces of information – an event that day, a series of photos, a video clip or streaming weather.  Content can be easily managed and constantly updated by the client with a computer linked to the sign via a wired connection to the internet or WiFi.  The monitor can be mounted on a wall, in a frame or in a kiosk depending upon your specific needs.

Digital Signage

The uses of digital signs are endless—visitor centers can announce new exhibits and daily events; stores can offer new product, sale and discount information; restaurants can offer featured treats and “menu of the day;” and chambers of commerce may feature streaming weather and photos and announcements about special area attractions.

Digital Signage can contain a variety of dynamic information. Contact us for custom digital signage that suits your needs. The possibilities are endless.

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