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Visitor Center Face Lift

The Lake Anna State Park Visitor Center receives the Imperial Multimedia treatment. It went from static 1980’s exhibits to interactive and educational touch screen games, floor to ceiling wall graphics, a video wall, virtual storyteller and a 3D theater.

Ancient Glacial Lake Wisconsin Website

This website designed by Imperial Multimedia features over 550,000 acres of publicly-owned lands and waterways provide innumerable opportunities for low-impact recreation, be it hiking, biking, birdwatching, camping, canoeing, kayaking or cross-country skiing.

Virginia Outdoors

Virginia Outdoors is a website promoting Virginia’s great outdoors. Explore what Virginia has to offer. Explore Virginia Outdoors.

America’s State Parks

7804 parks, forests, natural areas, wildlife areas, cultural and historic sites, and waterways throughout the United States.


We specialize in multimedia exhibits, displays, information kiosks and attractive websites for nature centers, park visitor centers, trails and other nature- and recreation- based facilities.



Imperial Multimedia has been instrumental in designing and developing compelling interactive and virtual exhibits and displays for historical sites, museums and cultural centers.



Imperial Multimedia has helped companies, chambers of commerce and other commercial enterprises enhance their professional look and functionality with multimedia exhibits, information kiosks and user-friendly websites.